We were created to be worshipers of God.  Scripture calls all people to love, serve, obey, exalt, magnify, sing to, ascribe worth to, and bow down before the one true God.  Simply put, worship is the purpose of life.

What is worship?  The psalmist tells us it is the giving unto the Lord the glory due His name (Psalm 29:1-2).  Our aim, when the congregation gathers to meet with God in public worship on the Lord’s Day, is to glorify and enjoy God, in accordance with His written Word.

Music serves an important role in the corporate worship of the Lord here at First Presbyterian Church.  We are called to worship together across generations and we seek to offer opportunities where members of all ages can share their talents with our church family for the glory of the Creator who bestows their musical gifts.

Music has a unique quality that speaks to our souls, touches the depths of who we are, and raises us toward the throne of God.  It plays a crucial role in learning the Scriptures that all our music is based on – whether it’s the singing of congregational hymns and psalms, the anthems sung by the Chancel Choir, a vocal solo or instrumental music.  Musically praising God is a powerful way to follow the Biblical instruction to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The Chancel Choir faithfully inspires our Sunday morning worship.  The choir meets weekly for rehearsals and fellowship and it’s open to anyone 10th grade or older.  Anyone interested in participating in the Chancel Choir should call the church office at 365-6387 or contact our Director of Music, Steve Lee, at 462-3844 or [email protected].




Music & Worship


First Presbyterian Church of Prattville, PCA

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Sunday School - 9:00
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